It is all about choices, but they dont make the choices easy

I will admit it. I am not a fan of Boost (or Ensure or pretty much any of the pre-packaged supplements that are targeted to the elderly). I had never given them a great deal of thought but had always felt that they were over priced and less nourishing than other choices. Additionally, I never thought that they were particularly tasty.

Earlier today, I was watching television when a commercial came on talking about their "superior" nutritional value. I wanted to know that why they felt that they were superior and in fact superior to what.

Since I figure that the gold standard for what a processed food could aspire to be is the Snickers Bar, I used that as my comparison and this is what I found ...

  Boost Snickers Result
Protein 10 4 Boost
Carbs 41 33 Snickers
Fat 4 12 Boost
Calories 240 250 Tie

As a physician who spends his life struggling with disease caused by obesity and other forms of malnutrition. It is very frustrating to see that highly promoted health foods are really little better than junk food. Patients - both young and elderly - have enough concerns that struggling with bad information really shouldnt be one of things that slows them down. We need to learn to do better as a nation if we want better outcomes