Patient Experience Survey

Our Patient Experience Survey


As part of our attempt to better understand what it is that our patients want and need from their primary care office,  we conduct annual patient experience surveys.  In this survey, we asked patients to evaluate us in 13 distinct areas.

1. Length of time to arrange an appointment
2. Convenience of the office location
3. Reaching the doctor's office by phone during regular business hours
4. Reaching the doctor after hours
5. Length of time waiting in the office
6. Time spent with the doctor/health care professional
7. Explanation of your condition and/or the services provided
8. Guidance with health management goals
9. Technical Skills (thoroughness, carefulness, competence) of the doctor/health care professional
10. Demeanor (courtesy, respect, sensitivity, friendliness) of:
A. The doctor/health care professional
B. The nursing staff
C. The reception staff
11. Your overall experience with this practice
12. How would you rate your general health?
13, Would you recommend this practice?

This survey provided us some very interesting insights into how we run the practice. While I am pleased to note that 100% of the patients surveyed would recommend us to friends and family and people were happy with the care they were receiving, we did identify opportunities to improve in terms of location and access.  Additionally, 13% of those surveyed felt that waiting times were too long. This is obviously a concern for us and a difficult balance but one that we are working on as we move forward.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the survey process and to note that there is a feedback form available on the patient portal for anyone who has thoughts which were not captured during our annual survey.

We continue to look for opportunities to improve and rely on your feedback to help us meet our goals