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A second thought on scales

OK. So the other day I put together a couple of thoughts on scales and regular weigh-ins. I have made the scale and weighing-in a regular part of my life. I know that regularly checking your weight is important for long term success with weight.

I am a believer of the value of a good scale in terms of accomplishing your goals, but I think, in my enthusiasm for what those machines can do, that I had forgotten to look at the other side of things. I had forgotten that not long ago I really didn't like seeing a scale. I forgot that I had managed to go a decade or more without getting up on one. I can clearly recall how being told my weight was a source of frustration but not motivation.  At the end of the day, the information that a scale gives you is pretty worthless if it doesn't offer value to the person standing on it. It is simply a convenient proxy for other things which are too complicated to express as a simple number, but convenience isn't always a virtue.

In his playing days, Bruce Smith came in at 270 pounds on the scale. I am pretty sure that number didn't tell the whole story.

I was flipping through so old images I had saved and saw the picture above. Despite my best efforts I cant find the source. I can only say that I didn't create the sign or take the picture. I do think that it offers some valuable insight.

Sure the scale tells a story, but it doesn't tell the whole story. I guess my take away is embrace the numbers if the numbers help you focus on goals, but feel comfortable walking away if they don't. There are certainly other - and better - proxies out there.