I went running last night. I didn’t really want to. It was hotter than I like and at the end of a long day, but then I read about Ed Whitlock. This weekend, in 91 degree heat, he set a new world record for 10,000 meters. Mr Whitlock is 85 yo. I couldn’t justify sitting on the couch when Ed is out there somewhere putting in a few miles.

This comes only a couple of days after I read about Lewis Grossberger. He has decided to take up swimming – at 75 years of age.

In the medical practice, I am frequently meeting with people in their twenties, thirties and forties who feel that their exercising days are over. In school, we are forced to participate and are surrounded by role models. Unfortunately – and for lots of reasons – it becomes easier to hang up the running shoes (or swim goggles or whatever) and accept the gradual declines associated with that choice. I can only wonder how much medicine I would have to use, if we had more role models like Ed and Lewis.